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tirsdag, 19 februar 2019 / Udgivet i Blog
It’s quite funny, Jason Potter wrote a few years ago: Who is your daddy, and what does he do? Well if you would ask that question again Jason would say: We make one of the best electric skateboards on the market and work together with other Fatdaddies to make sure we keep on growing. We
torsdag, 17 januar 2019 / Udgivet i Electric Skateboard
Starting today electric skateboards are legal in Denmark if you don’t go faster then 20 kilometers per hour, are at least 15 years old and wear lights during the day and night (this can be on the rider or the board). It has been a long battle between the fanatics and the government but it’s
onsdag, 23 maj 2018 / Udgivet i Community
The last few weeks have been a complete mayhem. First we had a all time high with orders and shipments which really put our smart warehousing to the test. We added a neat little (extra) warehouse to our locations in Amsterdam. Next to that we added more then 20 extra electric skateboard brands to our